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We only buy the things that we like ourselves and know that if we like it someone else will love it too!

You will always find something unique, handmade, antique, vintage or modern, large or small, odd and interesting within


Newman's Decorative Living









Antique Conservation, Restoration and repair

Our ethos is conservation over restoration and is guided by respect for the aesthetic and historical value and integrity of any object. Using traditional restoration techniques and materials we aim to extend the life of every piece of furniture or decorative artifact

we work on, ensuring we keep the age, colour and authority of the piece, so that it can be used and enjoyed

Furniture Repairs and Restoration

All furniture will show its age. Damage will occur, chairs will wear, tables will be scratched, paint will peel. Using our many skills we are able to repair the wobbles, restore the surface finish and bring new life and comfort into almost every piece

Customised Painted Furniture

Styles of colour change. We offer a full customised refinishing service.

Why not add a new colour finish to match your new interior styling?

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Feel free to contact Ian anytime who will be more than happy to discuss your needs and offer you a free no obligation quotation.

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