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Unique,  Hand Crafted Feature Pieces For that special place in
your home

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Unique,  Hand Crafted Feature Pieces For that special place in

your home

Unique,  Hand Crafted Feature Pieces For that special place in

your home


Antiques Restoration

Unique and beautifully restored furniture

For 25 years we have been carefully selecting and restoring beautiful antique feature pieces for the interior design community. By remaining true to the craft and true to the original vision of the craftsman, we are able to provide our clients with the perfect item to finish off the look of the property. 


Although the majority of our work is done privately, we display many of the item we have lovingly restored in our high street store in the exclusive Hampshire village of Stockbridge. 


MARBLING & Wood Graining

These endangered arts are in high demand

Marbling is an imitation created by specialist craftsmen using specific colours ground into various mediums and manipulated in a way that provides them with such an effect so that it represents a piece of natural marble. The procedure involves creating depth and translucency by building up layers of precisely graded pigments.

The technique of graining uses paint to simulate the appearance of exotic and expensive timbers. Used mainly on door frames, cupboards, skirting, window casements and paneling, the technique dates back to as early as the sixteenth century 


Painted Furniture

 The Art of Decorative Paint effect

Throughout history artisans have decorated and enhanced wooden furniture, cabinets and chests in many ways.

Paint in its many colours and decorative effects, from classic wood graining and marbling to ancient and modern techniques applied can make a stylish statements to any residential or commercial applied to a piece of furniture.

Verre églomisé

The Ancient Art of Decorating Glass

Verre Eglomisé is the process of gilding precious metals on the reverse side of glass creating a soft mirrored effect.

It can be combined with hand painting, screen printing and other traditional and modern techniques to create finishes both bold & contemporary or delicate, elegant and understated.

We use this technique on any form of glass including, tinted and textured glass which can be incorporated into pieces of furniture, table tops, wall panels, splashbacks and bespoke doors and kitchen units.



Putting the sparkle back into design

Gilding is any decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to solid surfaces such as metal (most common), wood, porcelain, or stone.


Gilding is a great way to make a striking appearance, it will always complement the latest style or trendsetting nuance. It is impervious to the wind and rain and always radiates elegance and sophistication in the right setting.

Internally or externally, classical or contemporary, gold leaf always sets the tone and we as artisans and craftsmen are happy to provide our clients, residential or commercial with the finest examples of our trade.


about us

Newmans Decorative living is owned and operated by Ian Newman, the founder and Master Craftsman behind the Heritage Skills Studio which first opened for business in 2007. Since its inception Ian has gone on to become one of Britain's most highly regarded keeper of the 'old skills' and has produced truly outstanding feature pieces for homes across the UK and beyond. 

Newmans Decorative Living is located in the picturesque Hampshire village of Stockbridge in the heart of the Test Valley, selling a full range of beautiful, unique and handcrafted 'feature pieces' that take centre stage in hundreds of homes across the country.

No project is too small or too large, we undertake local projects to major national work, and everything in between.

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